Guided Tours of the Congress Ljubljana

On a stroll following the paths of the Congress

Guided tours of the locations where the Congress of Ljubljana took place will be done by experienced tourist guides.

Aug 2021
Time: 5 p.m.–5:50 p.m.
Location: City Museum of Ljubljana
Adults, students, seniors
Guided Tours of the Congress Ljubljana

The guided tour of the congress Ljubljana is perfect for everyone that wants to form a spatial picture in which palaces, streets and on which squares the events of the Congress of Ljubljana took place. The stroll will inform you all about where the dignified guests were sleeping during the important summit, where the important meetings occurred and, of course, how were the social life and events at the Congress. Do not miss these guided tours if you want to learn all about these and many other details from the life in our city during the Congress.

The price of the guided tour is €1.5 per person. The guided tour starts in front of the City Museum of Ljubljana, Gosposka 15, Ljubljana.

We will also provide the necessary audio equipment to the groups, so nothing will get lost while moving from point to point.

Mandatory reservations for the guided tours are taken at prijava@mgml.si or by phone: +386 1 24 12 506 no later than 3 p.m. 


We are also accepting larger closed groups (up to 25 persons) for our strolls around the locations of the Congress of Ljubljana. Reservations can be made at prijava@mgml.si or by phone: 01 24 12 506.

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