Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana, new book presentation

With Plečnik Year 2017 coming to its end, we are inviting you to the presentation of the Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana, the newest book on Plečnik, at the Plečnik House. The book was written by the architect and Plečnik connoisseur Andrej Hrausky.

Dec 2017
Time: noon–1 p.m.
Location: Plečnik House
Adults, students, seniors
Book cover of Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana
Book cover of Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana © MGML documentation

"The Slovenian capital is often simply called Plečnik's Ljubljana. True to the name, numerous architectural interventions by our greatest architect left an indelible mark on the city. However, do we really know these interventions? Day after day we walk past them, often overlooking many. The book's mission is to unveil all of Plečnik's works in the city, as well as the circumstances of their inception, which tell us how the citizens of Ljubljana used to live and work. The book's main purpose is to explain Plečnik's architecture, teach us how to see, observe, and understand it." Andrej Hrausky

The reasons for the book's creation, the creative process and design and the broader importance of publications on Plečnik's architecture will all be among the presentation's topics, in the company of
author Andrej Hrausky,
representatives from the co-publishers; Blaž Peršin, Director of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana,
and Maja Ivanič, Director of DESSA Gallery,
designer Žak Prinčič,
and photographer Miran Kambič.

The presentation is also an occasion to extend our gratitude to all of our supporters and sponsors that recognised the importance and need for such a publication: Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana, BTC City, JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija Ljubljana public company, Triglav Group, Grafika Gracer, GRAFO LIT, Atelje Galerija gallery, Baumit Slovenija, Lafarge, M Sora, and Arcadia svetila. Triglav Group also decided to donate 200 copies of the book to Slovenian libraries. Its ambassador Cene Prevc will thus present the first book donation to Teja Zorko, M. Sc., Director of the Ljubljana City Library.

We kindly invite you to join our company!

Please confirm your attendance at maja.kovac@mgml.si.

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