Opening of the exhibition "Happiness for you and your family"

The exhibition Happiness for You and Your Family is a continuation of the project Newsreel 62 from 2015. It substantively builds on the images of the past which conveyed a hopeful vision of a world without wars and confronts them with the hopeless situation of refugees on Slovenian borders in 2015.

Mar 2019
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Cultural Centre Tobačna 001
Adults, students, seniors, visitors with disabilities
Opening of the exhibition "Happiness for you and your family"

This is achieved through the form of a newsreel, with the use of found footage, textual newsreel shreds, photographs and collages. Occupying the centre stage is the lost work by a Syrian artist Mahmoud Hammad, titled Family, which was presented in 1966 at an exhibition in Slovenj Gradec, where the artist exhibited two graphics, titled Family and Worker at the price of 25 and 15 US dollars, respectively. After the exhibition in Slovenj Gradec, both Hammad’s works became untraceable and likewise has the graphic by the Swedish artist Jan Forsberg – War, a depiction of a silent menace of the past, which won the first prize at the exhibition.

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