Guided tour of the "Movement for public speech" exhibition

The exhibition Movement for Public Speech by artist Polonca Lovšin is the first installation of the project in a gallery space. It is a project in progress that temporarily occupies a public space in an urban environment and encourages participants to communicate and act together.

Sep 2021
Time: 5 p.m.
Location: Cultural Centre Tobačna 001
Adults, seniors, visitors with disabilities
Guided tour of the "Movement for public speech" exhibition

The constitutive element of this interactive, kinetic and temporary public sculpture is physical movement, which generates electricity in an entirely ecological way, i.e. through the participants’ pedalling on the bicycles, which enables the microphone on the podium to function. Energy producers and speakers, and not forgetting the listeners, are in constant interaction, as one cannot be heard or listened to without the other. 

You are cordially invited to yoin us for a guided tour of the exhibition with artist Polonca Lovšin.

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