Robertina Šebjanič: Aquatic Twilight_Lygophilia

Robertina Šebjanič engages in investigating living systems (bio art) and sound. Taking on the form of interactive installations on exhibition grounds, her research-based art projects primarily focus on cultural, political, and biological realities of both marine and freshwater ecosystems.

The exhibition Aquatic Twilight_Lygophilia presents a series of projects titled Lygophilia, which she started in 2017 to thematise two unusual creatures, the Mexican axolotl and the Slovenian proteus, and their love (Gr.: philéō) of darkness (Gr.: lúgē). The Tobačna Gallery put on display the spatial installation Neotenous dark dwellers_Lygophilia, the video essay Piscis ludicrous / Transfixed Gaze_Lygophilia, the sound composition Black Drops_Lygophilia, and the newly produced work Odorantur_Lygophilia, with which the artist took the viewer into the Proteus’ environment by triggering various sensory perceptions. 

Robertina Šebjanič: Aquatic Twilight_Lygophilia
© Andrej Peunik / MGML

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