Tomislav Gotovac: Don't Ask Where We're Going

As he stated in several interviews, some also reprinted in this publication, Tomislav Gotovac did not have an exhibitionist’s easy attitude to nudity. He found it quite hard – even shameful – to bare all, to the point where on a number of occasions he demurred, at the last minute, from undressing before an action or performance. Vocally, however, he had no such reservations. In his interviews, he spoke openly and without mincing words about everything – the art system, art, Zagreb, his childhood and growing up, his body, sex, religion, his friends and acquaintances and, last but not least, again and again, film.

Rather than chronologically, the interviews in this publication accompanying Gotovac’s retrospective exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana are arranged according to the rhythm of his specific narrative beat and his take on life. From them we learn about his childhood growing up in post-war Zagreb and his first falling in love with film, above all, when and how this particular art form fundamentally changed his view on life and art.

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana / City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin / Alenka Gregorič
Catalogue editor: Alenka Gregorič
Associate: Ksenja Orelj, Darko Simičić, Nataša Šuković
Texts by: Alenka Gregorič, Goran Petercol & Goran Trbuljak
Interviews by: Rene Bakalović, Goran Blagus, Nadežda Elezović, Suzana Marjanić, Bojana Piškur, Branka Stipančić
Slovenian translation: Aleksandra Rekar
English translation: Lidija Toman, Tamara Soban
English language editor: Kevin Brennan, Ana Čavić
Photos by: Darko Bavoljak, Barbara Borčič, Zora Cazi Gotovac, Boris Cvjetanović, Tomislav Čuveljak, Luka Gusić, Dejan Habicht, Ivica Hripko, Mihovil Pansini, Vladimir Petek, Ivan Posavec, Boris Turković, Elejan van der Velde, Fedor Vučemilović
Transcription: Ajda Šeme
Design and layout: Ajdin Bašić
Print: Formatisk d.o.o., Ljubljana
Print run: 400

Price: 15 €
No. of pages: 201
ISBN: 978-961-6969-23-9

Tomislav Gotovac: Don't Ask Where We're Going
Tomislav Gotovac: Don't Ask Where We're Going, 2018 © Andrej Peunik/MGML

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