Fluid Sirens (Sirene Fluide)

The performance Fluid Sirens (Sirene Fluide) by the Greek performer Nina Alexopoulou and the Slovenian photographer Nika Furlani uses a contemporary rendition of a classical act where fish, molluscs and crabs are projected on a naked body to tell of hybrid creatures from the Mediterranean mythology with fluid personalities. Exploring sirens, chimaeras and contemporary divas, the performance also touches upon gender-related issues.

Mar 2018
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Match Gallery
Adults, students, seniors
Fluid Sirens (Sirene Fluide)
© Damjan Balbi

The performanceis Fluid Sirens (Sirene Fluide) is accompanynig the exhibition Sea by the City, which presents the sea of Trieste, a strongly marked "urban sea". Eight international artists from the Trieste art scene tell of the sea of Trieste in various ways, presenting it as a meditative mirror at the crossroads of nations and cultures, the sea being the element of encounters and exchange. 

The performance is followed by a conversation with the artists and a guided tour.

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