Last guided tour of the "Documents 1990–2020" exhibition

The exhibition gives us an insight into the work produced over the past thirty years by Žarko Vrezec, a disciplined explorer of a purified artistic language within the boundaries of ideologically neutral modernist practices, and one of the most actively and explicitly abstract painters on the Slovenian art scene since the late 1970s.

Jan 2022
Time: 5 p.m.
Location: City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Adults, students, seniors
Žarko Vrezec, Documents 1990–2020, City Art Gallery Ljubljana, 2021
Žarko Vrezec, Documents 1990–2020, City Art Gallery Ljubljana, 2021 © Andrej Peunik / MGML

His medium to small-formal works on paper, in acrylic and with minor interventions with pencil, originated at the same time as his canvases of large dimensions; nevertheless, these are not sketches or drafts or preliminary designs for the large paintings, but autonomous works, documenting in numerous series and their offshoots the artist’s artistic deliberations since 1990. Our chronologically conceived overview showcases some 650 works or, as the artist calls them, small “organisms” – this is the first time they are being presented to the public at large.

You are cordially invited to join the guided tour with curator Mateja Podlesnik. 

Feb 2023
Guided tour
City Art Gallery Ljubljana • Adults, families, children, students, seniors, school groups, visitors with disabilities

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