Opening of the "Stone" exhibition

Jiři Bezlaj’s show is to date the most extensive presentation of the sculptor dedicated to working exclusively with stone. The overview exhibition focuses on the artist’s eight most important and most powerful sculpture cycles that have emerged from the period of over five decades.

Nov 2019
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Adults, students, seniors
Jiři Bezlaj, From the cycle They Went Before Us, 1998, Triad limestone
Jiři Bezlaj, From the cycle They Went Before Us, 1998, Triad limestone © Boris Gaberščik

He has explored materials such as marble and various types of minerals, highlighted their natural characteristics, and cut them into multitudinous shapes by blending abstract forms with figural elements related to man or certain animals and plants. Figuring prominently in the sculptor’s reflections are relations to and associations with forms created by ancient civilizations, mythology, life as such, as well as nature with its boundless versatility. Bezlaj’s work is further characterized by rich imagination and combinations of extraordinary with ordinary, which add to the element of surprise, prompting us to think beyond sculpture and move towards the uncommon and the joy of life. Bezlaj’s sculptures burst with energy, which flows first from the stone itself as the most ancient and durable creative element as well as from sculpted forms, which emanate strong connection to life and its inexhaustible richness.

Aug 2022
Guided tour
City Art Gallery Ljubljana • Adults, families, children, students, seniors, school groups

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