The first independent OFF-Biennale Budapest

The first independent OFF-Biennale (OFF-Biennale Budapest) is to be held between 24 April and 31 May in Budapest, Hungary. More than 150 artists and curators will present their projects on more than 30 venues. One of the curators at the OFF-Biennale Budapest will also be Alenka Gregorič, art director and curator of the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana and the CC Tobačna 001.


The OFF initiative is a collaboration of artists, artist collectives, curators, gallerists and art collectors with the common goal of building the foundations of a sustainable and independent art scene in Hungary. Created without institutional support and government funding, OFF-Biennale Budapest avoids using government-run locations and relies only on voluntary work. The key frame of reference of the biennale is to explore how art can contribute to the development of civil society.  

OFF-Biennale Budapest

Posted: 23. 4. 2015

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