“Densifying simultaneously belongs to matter and the idea”

“Stratification of views, matter densified within sculptural forms, or time densified and compressed in geological rock layers that, after hundreds of millions of years, glisten through the polish of a modernist sculpture.”

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

“Do blows – too concrete and loud to be only metaphorical – literally deprive the human dolls of their third dimension? The City Art Gallery of Ljubljana is inviting us to observe sculpture from an unusual perspective, highlighted in the exhibition’s title: "Densifying.”

“Curator Sarival Sosič, PhD, traditionally prepares thematic projects at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana that offer ambitious, often in grand format, presentations of new sculptural works to all participants. In the last few years he authored, in a biennial rhythm, Paths through Sculpture (2012), Expanding Sculptural Structures (2014/15), and the Waves in Sculpture (2016) exhibitions. Each of these shows have two constants that visitors can count on before even seeing them: the impression that the curator manages to ‘bring out’ the best ideas and realisations from the invited artists, the exhibitions do not disappoint, and that the artists’ works will sometimes follow the arching theme as binding, while other times in a much more loose manner.”

More in the Vojko Urbančič article published in Delo Newspaper. (In Slovenian)

Posted: 3. 3. 2018