Tomislav Gotovac Films at the Slovenian Cinematheque

As a film auteur, we automatically connect Tomislav Gotovac with four of his early films from his first period, which began in the late 1950s and lasted for two decades. "Afternoon of a Faun" (1963) was declared by Gotovac to be his “flagship” work, while others called his Belgrade trilogy from 1964 – "Direction" (Stevens-Duke), "Blue Rider" (Godard-Art), and "Circle" (Jutkevič-Count) – as his most important work.

Afternoon of a Faun (1963), 16 mm, black-and-white, 9’
Afternoon of a Faun (1963), 16 mm, black-and-white, 9’

The films by Tomislav Gotovac will be screened at the Slovenian Cinematheque on Wednesday 16 May at 9.00 pm, and on Thursday 17 May at 7.00 pm.

Kino-integral: Tomislav Gotovac

Posted: 13. 5. 2018

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