Opus of Erotic Sculptures

“Much of the opus or creative production of the academic painter Drago Tršar’s has been devoted to erotic sculpture, demonstrating that the erotic aspect of his creativity or his inclination towards eroticism within art plays a crucial part in his opus. The exhibition will present us not only with his artworks in bronze, which is the basis of his sculpture, but also in ceramics.

© Andrej Peunik/MGML

"Interestingly, however, in his most recent period, Tršar has also devoted much of his time to erotic painting and drawing. Painting is to him a means of expression which he has continues to intensify in the current period and which he himself, as shall be seen, aims to present in parallel with sculptures. Nevertheless, the centre stage of the current exhibition is occupied by erotic sculpture. While most selected artworks were produced in the artist’s early period, the exhibition will also showcase his most recent works from 2018 and hence serve as a comprehensive, survey exhibition of a highly creative sculptor who has marked the Slovenian cultural area and still actively continues to co-shape it. This only proves that despite his age, Tršar is still filled with creative energy, which is nowhere more pronounced as in his erotic depictions”, stated Sarival Sosič, the curator of the exhibition, in an interview for Radio Slovenia.

Posted: 23. 11. 2018