"Jiři Bezlaj, sculptor, essayist, poet: How stone chooses its sculptor"

"Stone has a particular charm. It is very old, millions of years, and emanates its age-old wisdom. Handling it, one absorbs the stone’s knowledge. Sculpting is also a kind of meditation. According to oriental schools of alchemy, on reaching their final evolutionary stage, all minerals turn to gold.”

© Bojan Velikonja / Dnevnik

"Due to its solidity and immovability, stone in Hinduism symbolizes the absolute, eternal, and immutable Self.

Stone is very much a living thing. I spend plenty of time in stone quarries, especially at Drenov Grič, where I caress and converse with stones, until we reach a compromise between what a certain stone wants to be and what I would like to turn it into. Stones are not pieces of blank paper where you can draw whatever comes to mind. Every stone has a distinct character, and it is up to you to respect its unique crystal structure, hues, and veins. I personally handpick every single stone in the quarry,” said Jiři Bezlaj in an interview for Dnevnik.

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Posted: 11. 12. 2019

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