Under the Free Sun

Due to the current situation, we have understandably postponed the opening of the exhibition “Free Sun” to a later date. Fortunately, however, artists that will present themselves in the upcoming show have been emerging from their self-isolation.


Last week, Arjan Pregl shared with us his tutorial and this week Sašo Vrabič reveals to us in a conversation with his wife how the preparations for the opening of the exhibition in the City Art Gallery Ljubljana are coming along. As befits artists in time of crisis, they are also giving us a unanimous shout out: Everything is going to be all right!

Keep following us for more from our authors who are musing in their homes or studios about how they can translate unpredictable times into artistic language and share with us the part of artistic intimacy that is unfolding within four walls. Their shout out from isolation is also an invitation for you to keep abreast of the making of our new exhibition and to learn what we will have to give up, how many limitations we will need to accept, and what obstacles we will have to overcome to successfully come forward with the “Free Sun” project…

Posted: 9. 4. 2020

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