Vlado Martek: This Book Is Better than Ideal

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana publishes a volume accompanying Vlado Martek’s exhibition

"Exhibition with Many Titles", which remains on view in the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana until Sunday, 24 May, was accompanied by the publication of the volume titled Ta knjiga je boljša od idealne (This Book is Better than Ideal). The 300 pages long volume contains texts contributed by eight authors as well as over 240 reproductions of Vlado Martek’s works. You can get your copy on the ground floor of the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana.


“Rummaging” through Martek’s studio is a never-ending work, because opening an unwieldy number of various folders, boxes, bags, parcels, glasses, as well as all kinds of unimaginable carrier accessories provides ever new insights into the depth of his production.”
Alenka Gregorič

“Martek’s poetic actionism never merely offers one or another political goal which urban crowds should warm up to, but rather exposes the typical artistic gesture which questions political activism as well as artivism and challenges both.”
Lev Kreft

"Textualized, Martek’s interventions expand into the medium of maps and offer a different perception of cartography, one that is permeated with cultural, anthropological, art, and spiritual heritage.”
Ksenija Orelj

“Every exhibition is suffering”, Vlado Martek wrote in the spirit of his seemingly simple, but sincere and wise statements at the beginning of this millennium, conveying that it is indeed painful – both literally and metaphysically – to exhibit in a single place all these poster poems, agitations, poetic objects, paintings, collages, assemblages, photomontages, samoizdats, maps, and photographs that he has produced in his rich, more than four decades long artistic career.” 
Nikica Klobučar

Posted: 22. 5. 2020

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