Exhibition of Jože Barši opened at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Learning and Forgetting is the first major solo presentation by the architect, sculptor and educator Jože Barši since 2013. It provides an insight into the artist's most recent art production and also refers to his earlier creative work, which contributed significantly to the development of Slovenian contemporary art after 1990.


The exhibition is conceived as a path through the intellectual learning process that the artist experiences in reading or writing, in contact with people, in observing nature and social change. Through a variety of topics, he focuses particularly on learning that takes place at an unconscious level, in the context of everyday interpersonal relationships, within the immediate sensory perception of the individual. At the same time, he reflects critically on the mere loading of factual data, which turns human memory into a storehouse of the superfluous and impedes the flow of thought.

Posted: 22. 2. 2021

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