Plečnik was the star of the ICOM Panel in Prague

Slovenian and Czech experts joined forces on the first day of the 26th ICOM General Conference in Prague. Their joint effort was a special panel dedicated to the architect Jože Plečnik and the 150th anniversary of his birth. Curator Ana Pork, head of the Plečnik Collection, represented the Plečnik House and the many activities and projects that we prepared for this jubilee.

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The panel, presented by Ana Porok and titled Architect Jože Plečnik between Slovenia and the Czech Republic, focused on the Plečnik House as the renowned architect’s hotbed of creative ideas where he spent more than 30 years of his life, and the house’s role today, existing as a museum in close collaboration with various communities. Its programmes, exhibitions, and other projects – among which are also the graphic novel Plečnik (full stop), so far published in Slovenian, Czech, German, and English versions, and the new and completed edition of Andrej Hrausky: Plečnik’s Architecture in Ljubljana, published in Slovenian and English. Both of them left a mark on this jubilee year and promoted the popularisation of Plečnik’s rich heritage, and are key elements in establishing Jože Plečnik as an icon of European and world architecture.

Alongside Ana Porok, Slovenian colours were also represented by Tomaž Štoka, coordinator of the work group for the nomination of Plečnik's work for UNESCO, and Damjana Fortunat Černilogar, Director of the Tolmin Museum, which focused on Plečnik’s renovation of the church in Ponikve that is currently underway.

The 26th ICOM General Conference took place in Prague between the 20th and 28th August, and Slovenia had 34 representatives, operating in various committees and actively discuss the future and strengths of museums.

The programme of the conference can be found by following this link.

Posted: 23. 8. 2022

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