An exhibition treat for all aficionados of Plečnik’s

Plečnik Year 2022 is unifying the Plečnik House and the City Museum of Ljubljana

Aficionados of the works by Jože Plečnik rejoice! We have prepared a special offer: a combined ticket that enables you to visit the Plečnik House as well as the exhibition Plečnik: The Metropolis, Place, Garden at the City Museum of Ljubljana. It would also make an excellent gift for someone dear to you!

© Jaka Šuln

For the affordable price of €12 (senior/student ticket is €10), the combined ticket includes a visit to the Plečnik House with its permanent exhibition Plečnik., temporary exhibitions, and a boutique guided tour of the originally preserved Plečnik’s home

After a more intimate visit to Plečnik’s life your path takes you from Trnovo to the City Museum of Ljubljana, which hosts the central exhibition of the Plečnik Year 2022, Plečnik: The Metropolis, Place, Garden. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to reflect on Plečnik’s ideas and for new insights into his heritage. It highlights Plečnik’s architectural oeuvre and unveils the innovative ideas and techniques that Jože Plečnik used in his plethora of creative solutions. It also answers the question on how to think Plečnik today.   

We designed the combined ticket as a gift voucher, which can also be an original gift idea for lovers of all that is beautiful.

You can also purchase the gift voucher by following this link 

Posted: 19. 7. 2022

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