“Inspiring!” – Plečnik House received a visit from the US Ambassador, Jamie Lindler Harpootlian

During the first spring days, the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia, Her Excellency Jamie Lindler Harpootlian, visited the Plečnik House and left enthused. She was warmly welcomed at the house by Blaž Peršin, Director of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, and Ana Porok, Curator of the Plečnik House.

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During the relaxed visit, the director of the MGML presented our guest with how the institution operates, as well as a number of interesting projects that we executed during the last few years and those planned. Highlighted among them was the central exhibition of Plečnik’s Year 2022, Plečnik: Metropolis, Place, Garden, on view at the City Museum of Ljubljana. He emphasised the importance of the Cukrarna Gallery as a key acquisition of Ljubljana in the field of contemporary arts and commended various projects within which we had and will host and present American authors.

The ambassador, also an Art History graduate, comes from South Carolina and has shown great interest in various cultural projects that are in the making at the MGML. She emphasised that her term of office in Slovenia will also be dedicated to support cultural collaboration between the two states.

At the end of her visit at the Plečnik House, she left us this thought in our book of impression:
"What a delightful, fascinating tour. I can’t wait to study more about Plečnik and his work. You have inspired me! Thank you!”

Posted: 23. 3. 2023

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