Plečnik House is entering 2018 with an interesting exhibition programme

The Plečnik House 2018 exhibition programme will focus on Plečnik's work, the achievements of his collaborators, and on establishing Plečnik's oeuvre as an inspiration for contemporary creativity.

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The Plečnik House is preparing three temporary exhibitions in 2018, and with one exhibition it will also host in Prague.

The first exhibition of the year is Plečnik and Rothmayer: Two Friends, Two Houses, Two Cities, which is opening at the Plečnik House on 2 February. The exhibition is a collaboration with The City of Prague Museum, which manages Villa Rothmayer, the house of Plečnik's Prague-based co-worker Otto Rothmayer. The latter built his home after Plečnik's designs for Villa Stadion.

Spring will be in the sign of the exhibition with a provisional title How to Draw a City?, which will highlight the works of designer Ljubljca Suna Čehovin and connect two city gallery spaces; Plečnik House and the Kresija Gallery. The works of Ljubica Suna Čehovin are consistently opening questions of cultural and natural heritage, values, patriotism, and identity, with one of her most recognisable souvenir collections also being Breakfast with Plečnik.

In October, the Plečnik House is opening another exhibition in a series that presents valuable sources from the Plečnik Collection. This time, the exhibition Plečnik and the Sacred will be dedicated to Plečnik’s idea of what is holy.

Besides the exhibitions at the Plečnik House, which will be accompanied by guided tours and expert lectures, 2018 is also when the exhibition Plečnik House: the architect's experimental hotbed is travelling to the Czech capital. The exhibition at the Study and Documentation Centre of Modern Architecture, prepared by curator Ana Porok, will also present Plečnik House, renovated between 2013–2015, as an important centre of the architect’s creativity, and a starting point for exploring Plečnik’s Ljubljana and his oeuvre.

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Posted: 10. 1. 2018

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