La Repubblica Newspaper on the Exhibition of Plečnik’s Chalices

The exhibition 'Plečnik and the Sacred. Jože Plečnik, Slovenian architect and designer' opened at the Vatican Museums in late June.

The exhibition, which presents 33 liturgical vessels by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik to more than 20,000 daily visitors of the Vatican Museums has already been extensively reported on in Slovenian and foreign media. However, a few days ago an article by Maria De Candia was also published in Trovaroma – a weekly supplement of the newspaper La Repubblica that reports on the events in Rome.

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“In the heart of the Vatican Pinacoteca there is an exhibition dedicated to Jože Plečnik, an architect and urban planner, one of the leaders in the field of architecture of the early 20th century and a remarkable figure of his country, Slovenia.” This is the beginning of the article on the exhibition 'Plečnik e il Sacro / Plečnik and the Sacred' in La Repubblica’s supplement.

The theme of designing sacred objects is exceptional within the oeuvres of contemporary architects and designers. It is also where Plečnik created something unique on a global scale, both by the sheer number of products as well as their quality and originality. The exhibition presents a carefully curated selection of Plečnik’s chalices, monstrances, ciboria and sacramentaries. On view in the heart of the Vatican Museums – in the entry hall to the Vatican gallery, Pinacoteca Vaticana, which is home to the works of world-famous artists, from Giotto to Raphael, Leonardo, Titian, and others.

Posted: 12. 7. 2019

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