Dragica Čadež: A Story of Wood and Clay

Academically trained sculptress Dragica Čadež marks the Slovenian artistic or cultural space with great creative energy. Through her distinct artistic language, she has created an extensive opus of various series, cycles and individual works, both public and private sculptures.

The exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana and the extensive catalogue delve into a selected, incredibly rich and conceptually and artistically rounded opus with professional and visual accuracy and adequacy, which allows you to see and feel the sculptress' creative energy, continuity of creation and authenticity or sincerity of her visual language. A detailed review and analysis of all the important works of the academic sculptress Dragica Čadež, which are arranged in sculptural cycles, speaks of great diversity of the author's works of art.  

Cena: 15 €
Število strani: 219
ISBN: 978-961-6969-40-6

Dragica Čadež: A Story of Wood and Clay
© Andrej Peunik / MGML

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