Jurij Kalan: Fractions

Academic painter Jurij Kalan presented his works for the first time at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, and at the same time, this is his most comprehensive presentation to date. The artist represents a very high artistic level in contemporary fine art, with a very extensive oeuvre that mainly focuses on figurative art.

Exhibition: 7. 9. 2023-12. 11.
Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana / City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin
On behalf of City Art Gallery Ljubljana: Barbara Sterle Vurnik
Editor of catalogue: Sarival Sosič
Text: Sarival Sosič
English translation: Veronika Fürst Ažman
Slovenian copy editor: Mirjam Furlan Lapanja
Photographs: Jurij Kalan, Tomaž Lunder, Blaž Gutman (Opening views), Damjan Kocjančič (Installation views)
Documentation: Artist‘s arhive
Design and layout: Novi kolektivizem
Printed by: Fotolito Dolenc, Ljubljana
Print run: 250

October 2023
Price: 15 €
Number of pages: 124
ISBN 978-961-6969-55-0

You can order your copy HERE.

Jurij Kalan: Fractions

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