Meta Krese: Have you come to stay?

The exhibition of photographer Meta Krese is the most comprehensive presentation of her photographic series or cycles so far. At this exhibition, the artist places (or takes) somewhat personal photo confessions from the lives of migrants. 

From where, where to, when, how, and why are just some basic questions that she asks herself as she meets people who have moved from their native places into a new environment. Photography, within the power and energy of its record, wants to make its audience ask itself a similar question. It is interested in people of all genders, ages, social classes, who have migrated and still migrate around the world, within the European Union, Slovenia and beyond.

Meta Krese is one of the most prominent Slovenian authors in the field of photography. Her socially critical and active oeuvre, as well as her extensive photographic oeuvre, have strengthened and creatively enriched contemporary Slovenian and international photography.

Exhibition: 18. 5. 2023–20. 8. 2023
Issued by: Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana / City Gallery of Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin
For City Art Gallery Ljubljana: Barbara Sterle Vurnik
Catalogue editor: Sarival Sosič
Texts by: Meta Krese, Sarival Sosič
English translation: Veronika Fürst Ažman
Translation of Maruša Krese‘s poems into English: Tina Mahkota
Slovenian copy editors: Mirjam Furlan Lapanja
Documentation: Archive of the artist
Photos: Blaž Gutman (Opening views)
Design by: The New Collectivism
Print: Fotolito Dolenc, Ljubljana
Print run: 200

May 2023
Price: €15
Number of pages: 140
ISBN 978-961-6969-54-3

You can order your copy HERE.

Meta Krese: Have you come to stay?
Meta Krese: Have you come to stay?

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