Jasna Hribernik: l'avenir

The publication is designed as a walk through the rich creative oeuvre of Jasna Hribernik, a film director and one of the most important prominent Slovenian intermedia creators, who has been successfully working in the Slovenian and international space for several decades.

It is focused on her several decades of activity in the field of artistic video, video spaces and projections, multimedia, light and sound installations and spatial interventions, all the way up to newer 3D animations and new media objects. It follows the development of her thoughts on dilemmas about time, society's relationship to progress, the environment, memory and the future. The publication is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to the project l'avenir in the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, the second focuses on its past production. The authors of professional texts in the catalogue are Barbara Sterle Vurnik, Barbara Borčić, Miha Colner. The texts shed light on the author's artistic practice from the end of the 80s to the present day. They tackle the history of her works in the wider context of Slovenian video and intermedia art. They are also accompanied by rich photo documentation.

15 €

Exhibition: 7.3. 2023–2. 5. 2023
Issued by: Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana / City Gallery of Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin
For City Art Gallery Ljubljana: Barbara Sterle Vurnik
Catalogue editor: Barbara Sterle Vurnik
Texts by: Barbara Sterle Vurnik, Barbara Borčić, Miha Colner
English translation: Arven Shakti Kralj Szomi
Slovenian copy editors: Mirjam Furlan Lapanja
Documentation: Archive of the artist
Photos: Damjan Kocjančič, Blaž Gutman, Damjan Švarc
Design by: The New Collectivism
Print: Fotolito Dolenc, Ljubljana
Print run: 200

April 2023
Price: €15
Number of pages: 104
ISBN 978-961-6969-53-6

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Jasna Hribernik: l'avenir

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