A Universal Story of Growing Up Under Fascism

Primorski dnevnik newspaper began publishing the graphic novel Memories and dreams of Kristina B., Ljubljana 1941–1945, written by Blaž Vurnik, PhD.

On Saturday 27 July, a new supplement began to be published in the Primorski dnevnik newspaper, namely the 'Memories and dreams of Kristina B., Ljubljana 1941–1945'. The graphic novel was created by Blaž Vurnik, PhD, historian and curator of modern history at the City Museum of Ljubljana, and the renowned Slovenian comic book author Zoran Smiljanić.

Cover of the graphic novel
Cover of the graphic novel © Zoran Smiljanić

The story takes place in Ljubljana, occupied by Italian troops in 1941. Kristina B. is a fictional character that combines the true stories of children that had to grow up in an occupied Ljubljana, surrounded by barbed wire. The title protagonist is Kristina, a girl of 14 at the start of the war and 18 when the war ends. In those four years she matures and grows up in the occupied city. In circumstances such as these, growing up was a very intensive process, many children had to become adults overnight. Kristina is the reader’s identification point, through her we follow and experience the world surrounding her. She is an observer, witness and, partially, a co-participant. 

The novel Memories and dreams of Kristina B., Ljubljana 1941–1945 was published by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana in 2015, with an accompanying exhibition at the Match Gallery.

The Primorski dnevnik newspaper will reprint the novel in its entirety – with about 40 episodes throughout the summer and ending in September.

Posted: 31. 7. 2019