Zastava 750

Take a piece of nostalgia with you!

Collectable miniature

© Marko Alpner

The Zastava 750 car, popularly known as Fićo, was manufactured in Kragujevac, Serbia. A significant portion, estimated to be around a third, was contributed by Slovenian suppliers. That's why Fićo has become a beloved nostalgic symbol once again. In Slovenia, there are over two hundred original Fićos - classic cars, reminding people of their youth or times they never experienced themselves.

Today, you can sit in an authentic Fićo at our exhibition "Ljubljana. History. City." and listen to timeless Ljubljana music tunes.

This model of the car, specially made to resemble it, is now available as a collectible toy.

Order online via shop@mgml.si or visit our City Museum of Ljubljana and get on in the museum shop!

The miniature's doors open, displaying the license plate MML (red star) 1975. In the background, there's a cardboard with a photo of Prešeren Square from around 1970, where a white Fićo can also be seen. The miniature is not a toy; it's a collectible item. The wheels on the car can be detached.

Posted: 18. 7. 2023

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