Guided tour of the "Meltdown. Visualizing Climate Change" exhibition

You are invited to join us at the regular Saturday guided tour of the exhibition "Meltdown. Visualizing Climate Change", where we will reflect on the pressing issue of glacial melt around the world through the interpretations of 17 artists.

Apr 2022
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: Jakopič Gallery
Adults, students, seniors
Esmarkbreen II, 2013
Esmarkbreen II, 2013 © Corey Arnold

The exhibition is a narrative of the importance of glaciers told in a scientific, illustrative, and poetic way and each artist has a unique take on the subject.

Project Pressure is an artistic and nature protection project conducted by the same named London-based non-profit organisation. It documents the gradual disappearing of glaciers around the world and how this is affecting climate change. It is a collaboration among the leading artists, scientists, and developers of digital platforms. The project’s goal is the audience’s active participation and to change how we view climate change and our environment. The theme is thus that of nature protection, a topic interesting for a wide variety of audiences, but with possible long-reaching results that include contributions from local populations, On the other hand, they are also building an archive of natural heritage, as glaciers are disappearing daily in front of our eyes. 

Photographers and video creators contributed their pieces for the project, including Simon Norfolk and Michael Benson.

Please confirm your attendance by calling us at +386 1 42 54 096 (Tuesday–Sunday: 10:00–18:00). 

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