Guided tour of the "The World According to Roger Ballen" exhibition

You are invited to join us at the regular Saturday guided tour of the exhibition by Roger Ballen, one of the world’s best-known art photographers, famous for his distinctive and unique authorial expression.

Sep 2021
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: Jakopič Gallery
Adults, students, seniors
The World According to Roger Ballen, Halle Saint Pierre, 2020 © Roger Ballen
The World According to Roger Ballen, Halle Saint Pierre, 2020 © Roger Ballen

Over the past decade, the "Ballenesque" aesthetic has taken a dramatic shift from black-and-white to colour photography, as well as incorporating installations, paintings, drawings and videos into his imagery in an increasingly recognisable manner. "The World According to Roger Ballen", his biggest exhibition to date, was first presented at the Halle Saint Pierre gallery in Paris last year. For the exhibition at the Jakopič Gallery, the artist has cooperated with curator Marija Skočir to create a powerful and unique adaptation to this gallery space. The exhibition not only presents several of his iconic photographs, but also some of his most recent photographic imagery, juxtaposed with installations, which incorporate a number of objects the artist recently found in Ljubljana.

Ballen’s photographs, drawings and spatial artistic creations, together with their juxtapositions, create scenes, which are, in Ballen’s words, “not necessarily societal, political or material documents but rather, by their nature, psychological revelations. The images pierce day-to-day consciousness and lodge themselves into the deeper zones of the human mind. For many, this is pretty scary.”

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