Guided tour of the exhibition "GIARDINO ALL'ITALIANA"

Before the opening of the exhibition "Giardino all'italiana": New tendencies in italian painting on the 28 June we invite you to join a guided tour with the curator Antonio Grulli and the artists at 6 p.m.

Jun 2022
Time: 6 p.m.–7 p.m.
Location: Match Gallery
Adults, families, students, seniors
Roberto de Pinto, Secret garden, 2022
Roberto de Pinto, Secret garden, 2022

The curator Antonio Grulli noticed that  the Giardino all'italiana (An Italian garden) is today's Italy, the terrain on which painting is once again experiencing a flourish, which is to the merit of the new generation of painters.

"It is a vast garden, in which the cultures of painting meet, it is a fruitful and lush garden, with rich and remarkable vegetation. Every corner of the garden, North to South, the small places to the metropolises, from grey suburbia through rural landscapes to the Mediterranean coast, it is full of painters and spangled with studios," he aded.

The exhibition presents the painters Paola Angelini, Roberto de Pinto, Alessandro Fogo, Diego Gualandris, Iva Lulashi and Maddalena Tesser.

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