Guided tour of the "Private" exhibition

You are kindly invited to attend the guided tour through the "Private" exhibition with the Croatian performer, Siniša Labrović and the curator of the exhibition, Jani Pirnat.

Jan 2018
Time: 5 p.m.–6 p.m.
Location: Match Gallery
Adults, students, seniors
Guided tour of the "Private" exhibition
© Andrej Peunik/MGML

Due to his long-running principled stance and his conflict with the politics heading towards an increasingly weak social situation for the independent art scene and culture as well as the systematic sprawl of nationalism in Croatia, Labrović has been burnt out and isolated to the extent that he wishes to retreat from active engagement in the social and political reality.

Withdrawal into the safety of his home is seen by the artist as a retreat into a known structure, into constant hierarchies and protected, controlled environment, where conditions have been established for art that is autonomous as much as it remains within the limits of its own sake and detached from reality. The same applies to the gallery, which, to Labrović is supposed to serve as his domestic environment of a kind. 

Being a prisoner of his own existence, he has had the pain of being isolated in own body written down permanently for the exhibition, its intense presence making it the constant and crucial bearer of his artistic expression.

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