The "Melania" statue unveiling

You are warmly invited to join us at the "Melania" statue unveiling in Rožno (settlement near Sevnica) – the accompanying event of the "Brad Downey: This Echo" exhibition, which is on view until 25 August in the Match Gallery.

Jul 2019
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Rožno (settlement near Sevnica)
Adults, students, seniors
The "Melania" statue unveiling
© Melania, 2019

Brad Downey – dubbed “the most known unknown” by Lukas Feireiss, the editor of his monograph Slapstick Formalism, chose the motive of the tragic mythological figure Echo, who was punished for concealing the god Zeus's infidelity and could only repeat sounds that reached her, and her love for the self-absorbed Narcissus, as the main focus of his exhibition in Match Gallery. 

The topic arose as a reflection and an echo of the obvious question Downey asked himself after visiting Slovenia for the first time: how deep are the first lady of the US’s roots and how do local people live with and react to this indisputable historical fact? Faced with a lack of a concrete media response and the restrictions imposed by the first lady's position, the American artist Brad Downey from Kentucky sponsored the commission of the first public sculpture of the first lady (Melania, 2019), produced by an artisan and motor saw artist Maxi from the vicinity of Sevnica. The natural wooden sculpture, rooted in the Sava riverbank embodies the first lady dressed in a colourful outfit, who salutes her hometown of Sevnica in the distance.

In the case of a sufficient number of applications, a free transfer from Ljubljana will be organized at 5 pm. 
Mandatory reservations: info@mgml.si, +386 1 24 12 538.

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