Successful presentation of Plečnik House in Prague remains on view until 21 October

Having opened at the end of June in the Norbertov Centre, Prague, the exhibition ‘Plečnik House. The Architect’s Experimental Hotbed’ has been received so warmly that it remains on view in the Czech capital until Sunday 21 October 2018.

Ana Porok, curator, Leon Marc, Slovenian ambassador, and Irena Vesel, conservator, at the exhibition opening in the Norbertov Centre
Ana Porok, curator, Leon Marc, Slovenian ambassador, and Irena Vesel, conservator, at the exhibition opening in the Norbertov Centre © M. K./MGML

An exhibition presenting the reconstruction and daily life of the Plečnik House was launched in the Study and Documentation Centre Norbertov, Prague on 27 June. The exhibition is supplemented with original materials from our collection: Plečnik’s drawing tools and personal items, small clay and plaster models, original sketches as well as letters from President T G Masaryk and his daughter Alice, and from his friend Otto Rothmayer, which were Plečnik’s connection with Prague.

Our colleagues from the Norbertov Centre, Prague have reported exceptionally positive feedback submitted by visitors to the exhibition. They have noted, among others: “In a bit more than two months, the exhibition has had over 1100 visitors and has been met with enthusiasm. It is with great interest that many visitors read the letters that were exchanged among architects Jože Plečnik and Otto Rothmayer. They also take pleasure in looking at the excellent photos of the Plečnik House and garden taken by photographer Matevž Paternoster. A group of young architects who visited the exhibition were particularly attracted to Plečnik’s original sketches and plans. Many visitors, however, are surprised by the similarities and parallels between the work of Plečnik and Rothmayer. After visiting the exhibition on the Plečnik House, some of our visitors are stimulated to visit the nearby Rothmayer Villa as well, which gives them the opportunity to make more detailed comparisons of the two architectural gems. It is also worth mentioning that a number of visitors have shown interest in Plečnik’s intimate life, particularly in his relationship with the President’s daughter Alice Masarykova.”

Due to popular demand, the exhibition that was initially planned to close at the end of September is being extended until 21 October 2018.

Before the exhibition closes, the Norbertov Centre will be holding an interesting lecture within the Iconic Houses network (a member of which is also the Plečnik House): on 15 October 2018, Professor and art historian Tim Benton will give a lecture entitled 'Restoring Eileen Gray’s Villa E-1027 and Clarifying the Controversies'. If you happen to be in Prague at the time, you are kindly welcome to attend!

Posted: 27. 9. 2018