Austrian magazine Architektur aktuell featured the book Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana

The leading Austrian architectural magazine Architektur aktuell featured a review of Andrej Hrausky's book Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana, which was co-published in 2017 by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and DESSA Gallery.

Architektur aktuell, magazine cover, no. 11/2018
Architektur aktuell, magazine cover, no. 11/2018

The November’s issue of the magazine (no. 11/2018) reviewed the book thusly:

"Slovenia is fortunate that Andrej Hrausky continues the relentless promotion of his land’s architecture. The longstanding head of the DESSA Gallery in Ljubljana had so far guided thousands of his architectural friends through the architectural oeuvre of Jože Plečnik. This book is a result of his efforts to study the works of the world-renowned hermit — a combination of an architectural guidebook and a monograph. 132 edifices in Ljubljana are not categorised chronologically but are rather incorporated into nine city walks or routes, ranging from the densely built city centre to the outskirts with individual sacral buildings. The book’s contents were collected from all possible sources at the author’s disposal, its detailed descriptions are accompanied by a myriad of, also historical, photographs, designs, and drawings. Alongside Plečnik’s smaller works, we can now fully appreciate his towering body of work.”

The book Plečnik’s Architecture in Ljubljana can be found in the Plečnik House museum shop, both in English and Slovene, while also available in numerous libraries and bookstores across Slovenia.

Posted: 26. 2. 2019