(Future) Spanish architects also getting acknowledged with Plečnik's work

At the start of this year, the magazine Teatro Marittimo, published by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, presented the architect Jože Plečnik and his works through three comprehensive articles. Among them is also an article on Plečnik's life and the Plečnik House written by our curator Ana Porok.

Teatro Marittimo Magazine, #7/2019
Teatro Marittimo Magazine, #7/2019

University magazine Teatro Marittimo, which specializes in architecture, devoted his 'Especial' section in the 7th edition of the magazine to the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. The magazine's editors invited three Slovenian experts: Andrej Hrausky prepared the article titled Jože Plečnik: Between Communication and Creativity, Dr Peter Krečič wrote about Plečnik's experiment to transform Ljubljana into a Mediterranean city in Ljubljana: a Mediterranean City? Plečnik's Experiment, while curator Ana Porok wrote a detailed presentation of the Plečnik House in Plečnik House: the Architect's Experimental Hotbed. Designing a Home.

Ms Porok also highlighted that "In the article, I wrote a short presentation of Plečnik's life and a more detailed history of interventions at the Plečnik House through which, alongside the comprehensive 2013–2015 renovation, the house transformed from an artist's residence into a contemporary museum. The article describes the wealth of the architect's heritage in sketches, letters, correspondences, and photographs with an emphasis on the precisely-made wooden models of his unrealised projects for Ljubljana. Plečnik House today is a unique space commemorating an extraordinary artist and an inspiration for new generations of creators, and a starting point for exploring Plečnik's Ljubljana."

Plečnik's work also adorns the magazine's cover – editor David Rivera chose Plečnik's plan for the unrealised stairway to the Ljubljana Castle.

The magazine was published by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

For more information on the magazine visit https://www.jcarabano.com/teatro-martimo.

Posted: 28. 3. 2019

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