“Project Adagio for Space: peeking into orchestral intimacy”

“The artist Moran Victoria Sabbag, who arrived to the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML) residency centre from the Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon, presented us with the interesting audio-visual project "Adagio for Space", at the end of her residency. “Adagio is a musical term for playing slowly, at ease. By ‘dressing’ up the Tobačna gallery building in a white and thermosensitive foil, I wanted to emphasise the dimension of tranquillity; the white colour soothing the mind. I also wanted to indicate the feeling of claustrophobia, a cage, represented in the field of classical music by the stage. I wanted to break the traditional organisation of the audience and the orchestra”, the artist explained. 

© Matjaž Rušt

“I am interested in the often unseen; that is where I search for a deeper meaning”, Sabbag disclosed.  

The full article, prepared for the Dnevnik newspaper by Ingrid Mager, is available here (in Slovenian).  

Posted: 11. 12. 2017