Artist-in-residence centre CC Tobačna 001 will host Nikita Kadan & Anna Zvyagintseva

With a keen sense for drawing and for use of materials, Anna Zvyagintseva captures traces of daily life, encounters, coincidences or autobiographical facts in her sculptures, drawings and film works. Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan uses his artworks to compel us to think about the manipulations of history that occur in modern political and historical discourses.  


His only focuses are critical periodisation and the creation of a narrative, which will possibly connect the past and the present into a logical whole. Everything else is only a war for memory, a filtration and selection of data that lost all perception of responsibility towards the past. The project is part of the artist-in-residency programme, which offers artists a two-month long stay in Ljubljana and ends with an exhibition project.

Oeuvre of Anna Zvyagintseva takes the form of an intuitive diary preserving moments, ideas and actions, which otherwise would be lost.

Artist's website. 

Posted: 16. 4. 2018

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