Exhibition of Fokus Grupa opened at the CC Tobačna 001

Through their participation in artist residencies, workshops and collaborative exhibitions, Fokus Grupa have consistently aimed towards creating a synergy with the gallery space. Their current show is conceived in the same vein, whereby they augmented their ongoing project "Invisible Matter" with "East Art Map", a research project by the Slovenian art collective Irwin.


The data from "East Art Map", which focuses on the eastern European geopolitical region, were integrated with those from the global art publishing platform e-flux. In parallel with the graphic presentation of what is generally invisible information, Focus Grupa is also showing works created by other artists who were invited to participate according to the selection factor determined by the current research. The exhibition features works by: Marina Abramović, Tomislav Gotovac, Ion Grigorescu, Irwin, Neue Slowenische Kunst and Mladen Stilinović.

Posted: 8. 11. 2018

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