CC Tobačna 001 is hosting Anne Harild

The CC Tobačna Artist-in-residence centre is hosting Danish artist Anne Harild who gained her MA from The Royal College of Art in London, where she currently lives and works. Her residency is executed in collaboration with T.H.I.S. in London.



Anne Harild makes work that is based on research and investigations of the built environment, the systems and structures that support, shape and guide our daily lives. She is interested in the language of architecture, systems of architectural representation and particularly how we cope with and appropriate our physical environment in contemporary cities. She works in a site-responsive manner, responding to the place she is working in at a given time. Harild works in a variety of medium e.g. drawing, sculpture and stop-frame animation. Anne has participated in a number of artist residencies, most recently as ARMA artist in residence at The Bluecoat, Liverpool and before that as an artist in residence at St, Mary’s Hospital in London. She has exhibited in the UK and abroad among others as part of Atelier a Habiter at z.33 (Belgium), Paradigm Store at 5 Howick place (London) and Shadow Lines at Tintype gallery (London) as well as creating a series of site-responsive images for Art on the Underground which are on display in various underground stations in London. Furthermore Anne has worked on a number of projects collaborating with schools and community groups for among others Tate Britain, Camden Arts Centre and The Frieze Art Fair.

Posted: 13. 4. 2016

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