The CC Tobačna 001 is hosting Astrit Ismaili

The CC Tobačna 001 artist-in-residence centre is hosting Astrit Ismaili (Priština, 1991), a multidisciplinary artist working with performance. He performs form intimate experiences that operate on themes as family, gender issues, perception and transformation. His work connects to ritualistic and transgressive body performances that violate social taboos by allowing an experience of personal transformation during the event.


The body is used as a site where identity as defined by gender, race and sexuality is located, performed and challenged. What is always present in Ismaili’s work is the body in relation to space, society, the transformed body, the body as a protest, as an object and as a human body. The hybrid nature of styles and the freedom to explore his performances in the space create unpredictable situations that allow parallel realities to occur.

Posted: 1. 12. 2015

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