Become the owner of an original artwork

The "Certificate of Authenticity" exhibition at Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre displays the catalogue by its author, the Bulgarian artist Ivan Moudov. Each page of the catalogue is an original artwork, also available for purchase to the gallery's visitors, who can thus guarantee the printing of the catalogue. By buying a catalogue’s text page, you become the owner of its dots – punctuations.


All catalogue pages, those containing the artist’s reproductions and those with texts from various authors, are available for purchase. With a page purchase, the new owner will officially approve the publication of that page and thus become a co-editor of the catalogue. Individual page owners, and with that the owners of the artworks, will also be published in the catalogue’s colophon, unless a buyer wishes to remain anonymous. The owner of an individual page also owns the dots – punctuations. These will belong exclusively to the buyers, as the artist will insert them by hand on all printed pages intended for sale, while the final circulation will not contain any dots.

Inside our virtual gallery you can see some impressions from the opening reception, where some catalogue pages already got new owners. The exhibition will be on display until 13 February at the Tobačna 001.

Posted: 16. 1. 2015

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