Artist-in-residence centre CC Tobačna 001 hosts an Israeli artist Lee Nevo

The work of Lee Nevo consists of habitual estrangement of found objects that are treated with care and merged into sculptures, videos, drawings and installations. Her curiously intelligent vantage point materializes into an emblematic yet amusing works that vary between playfulness and tortures. The artist has been chosen by our artist-in-residence exchange partner The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon.


Nevo's works have been featured in several solo and group shows, notably in Hamburg (Gangeviertel Gallery 2013: Glass Cell), Bat Yam (Museum of Contemporary Art 2014: Goods) and Tel Aviv (Hahashmal Gallery 2014: Proposition for Execution).

Lee Nevo was born 1984 in Jerusalem. She lives and works in Tel Aviv and is current member of the “Anti Mehikon” artist collective.

Posted: 19. 6. 2014

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