Artist-in-residence centre CC Tobačna 001 is hosting CC Anton Ovidiu

Thomas Miessgang, curator and art critic has written about the artist: "Ovidiu Anton's aesthetic employs the stylistic device of paradoxical intervention. It relates intellectually to forms of expression found in youth subcultures, such as spraying, stencil art and street art, but it also turns their approaches and intentions upside down."


Anton translates the tattoo, quickly sprayed onto the architecture of money and power in the dark of night, into the slower system of drawing; he transfers wall inscriptions from Marseille to the walls of buildings in Vienna and vice versa; he replicates the functional design of Le Corbusier using “poor” materials; and in the video. It doesn't matter where he translates the “on the run” that is always a part of guerrilla actions in public space into a “chase” scene that mixes up time and space entirely.

Ovidiu Anton is born in Timişoara, Romania. He lives and works in Vienna.

Artist's website.

Posted: 9. 5. 2014

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