CC Tobačna 001 announces its programme for 2019

The CC Tobačna 001 starts off its programming year with the exhibition of Jasmina Cibic, who represented Slovenia at the 55th Venice Biennale with her project “For Our Economy and Culture”.

Jasmina Cibic, State of Illusion (2018), single channel HD video, stereo, 19 min
Jasmina Cibic, State of Illusion (2018), single channel HD video, stereo, 19 min

Cibic’s exhibition will be followed by those of Nika Autor, an artist known for her treatment of socially engaged themes and interweaving of images from archives and the present, and Dejan Kaludjerović, who explores the conjunction between consumerism and childhood with a view to analysing how the identity and stability of representative forms are established. The creative practice of Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, who will present themselves at the CC Tobačna 001 in June 2019, encompasses installation, video and performance, and explores relations of power within the social, economic and political contexts. In doing so, the tandem unveils society as a matter for constant transformation of conventions and norms. In the second half of the year, the CC Tobačna 001 will feature a series of exhibitions of Natalija Vujošević, who focuses on the transmission of life and reality into exhibition spaces, of Macedonian artists Yane Calovski & Hristina Ivanoska, and of Robertina Šebjanič, who dedicates her works to establishing relations between art and science, as well as technology. The programming year will be concluded with the exhibition of Bojan Fajfarić, an artist and film director whose practice comprises film, video, photography and installation which question history making.

Posted: 27. 12. 2018