News: City Art Gallery Ljubljana

On Wednesday 16 December, the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana presented its 2016 programme at a press conference at the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML). In the coming year we will see an overview exhibition of sculptures, installations, drawings ...

16. December 2015
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

"What kind of an image induces laughter? There is certainly no simple answer for this question, as a universal viewer does not exist.  It could be an ironic, sarcastic, ridiculing or even a grotesque image." This is how the exhibition ...

13. May 2015
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

The first independent OFF-Biennale (OFF-Biennale Budapest) is to be held between 24 April and 31 May in Budapest, Hungary. More than 150 artists and curators will present their projects on more than 30 venues. One of the curators at the ...

23. April 2015
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

The exhibition "Examples of Laughter in Art" opens in City Art Gallery on Thursday, 16 April, at 7 p.m. at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana. The exhibition will feature the following artists: academic painter and interdisciplinary artist Miha Vipotnik, ...

30. March 2015
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

In his review of the Bojan Gorenec retrospective How Paintings Emerge for the Dnevnik Newspaper, Miha Colner wrote "Gorenec profoundly marked the Slovenian artistic scene during the past three and a half decades. His work as an artist, educator and ...

26. February 2015
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

"It seems to me that sculpture needs to be shown and made more approachable to people of all knowledge levels; to those who demand more and those who are capable of simplicity. The goal is to bring sculpture closer to ...

12. January 2015
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

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