News: City Art Gallery Ljubljana

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana presented its 2017 programme at the press conference, held by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. The Ulay exhibition "I Other", already seen by more than 2000 visitors, will stay open until 8 February. The ...

20. December 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

"Ulay has been 'collecting' his works for half a century, he's like a hamster. His archive is enormous, yet he only rarely shows anything from it to the public, which is actually a paradox, as art is created for communicating ...

1. December 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

The exhibition "Cold front from the Balkans" opened today at the Museum in Istanbul, curated by Alenka Gregorič, curator at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana, and Ali Akay, a curator and academician. The exhibition is an effort to create ...

10. November 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

After more than ten years, the exhibition "Cold Front from the Balkans" is another effort at staging a review of art from the Balkan region. The curators of the exhibition, which will open on 9 November in Pera Museum are ...

21. September 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

"Upside Down: Hosting the Critique" will be on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade from 24 June to 25 July. The exhibition was conceptualised on the basis of Inside Out, a long-term research and curatorial project that began ...

27. June 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

“Due to his controversial ideas and approach to art, Ivan Kožarić can be counted among the most interesting artists working today. He never stuck to the tried-and-true development lines of repeating the same old forms when processing sculpting matter, as ...

8. March 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

“The City Art Gallery of Ljubljana welcomes the opportunity to host such a large exhibition of one of the greatest Croatian artists. This will actually be his whole oeuvre, yet to be presented in such grand scope in Slovenia. With ...

24. February 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

“Zvonko Čoh shops at Interspar, is insured at Zavarovalnica Maribor, he is a member of the AMZS, a Telemach subscriber, a member of the Association of Slovene Fine Artists Societies ... We can discern all of this from the large ...

3. February 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

“If I had to choose my favourite exhibition from 2015, I would point towards Zvonko Čoh at the City Art Gallery. Among the plethora of artists that eventually have to present their work, most of them forget about having an ...

20. January 2016
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

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