“Playfully Čoh”

“If I had to choose my favourite exhibition from 2015, I would point towards Zvonko Čoh at the City Art Gallery. Among the plethora of artists that eventually have to present their work, most of them forget about having an aesthetically attractive image. Čoh’s paintings are visually pleasant and clear, and despite their complex and detailed design, they contain a clear message."

© Matevž Paternoster/MGML

 "What is more, the images are humorous and poetic, playful and shocking, and also a true feast for the eyes. Just like his illustrations, which are among the most popular and recognisable in our country, both with children and adults,” wrote Vid Lenart in his review of the Capriccio—I Doodle over Whatever I See exhibition at the City Art Gallery for the Dnevnik newspaper."

“Who does not know his illustrations – faces with big gushy eyes and large noses from books such as Enci benci na kamenci, Povodni mož, Kekec and Bedanec etc.? Paintings are in the foreground at the overview exhibition, but one can also see the very best of his illustrations and animation, which elevated Čoh into immortality. The first Slovenian feature length animated film titled Socialisation of a Bull (1998) is, among snippets from other animated features, wonderfully presented within an artistic frame of numerous black-and-white vignettes. Čoh’s illustration work is not recognisable just for its caricatures, but also distinct for its perfect colour scale and rich colourful highlights that allude to Baroque paintings.”

“If the best illustrations are clear and visually rich, then his paintings, which were created specifically for this exhibition during the last three years, are more visually concentrated and two-dimensional. The line retains authority and dissipates into colourful flat backgrounds, or it stands out from the background into the visitor’s space. His image is composed from fragments of shapes and doodles, which follow the clear idea of their basis. Namely, his paintings follow the concept of doodles on pieces of paper, receipts, flyers on which the author (and each of us) doodles during phone conversations…”

Source: Dnevnik newspaper, full article available here. (In Slovenian)

Posted: 20. 1. 2016