Iztok Sitar: Under the Red Star

Iztok Sitar aka Ninel (this is an anagram, which can be read backwards) is among the most significant comic book artists in Slovenia. His body of work is extensive, and most series or cycles have been published in books. He has also published in many national and foreign magazines and newspapers.

The catalogue includes a selection of eight books that embody Sitar’s personal and visually and verbally expressive maturity, which he has worked for persistently, thoroughly and patiently since his artistic beginnings: Sperm and Blood (1990), The Woman Who Makes Love to a Cat (1998), Black Men, White Bones (1999), 4000 (2001), The Story of God (2004), Heads (2006), The Diary of Anne Tank (2008) and Freaks Love Differently (2014).  

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana / City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin / Alenka Gregorič
Catalogue editor: Sarival Sosič
Text: Sarival Sosič
Slovene language editing: Mirjam Furlan Lapanja
English translation: Veronika Fürst Ažman, Tina Škoberne (text)
Photographs: Artist's archive
Documentation: Artist's archive
Design and layout: Ajdin Bašić
Print: Formatisk d.o.o., Ljubljana
Print run: 300

Price: 20 €
No. of pages: 185
ISBN: 978-961-6969-29-1

Iztok Sitar: Under the Red Star
Iztok Sitar: Under the Red Star, 2019 © Andrej Peunik/MGML

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