An Exhibition. 50 Years of City Art Gallery Ljubljana

An Exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the central Ljubljana art gallery, which has left an indelible mark in the history of Slovenian culture with its distinctive program features and made its place in the wider art world with its ramified, internationally conceived program of exhibitions.

A comprehensive publication will also be brought out on this occasion, with relevant data on the history of the gallery. 

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana / City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin / Alenka Gregorič
Board of editors: Ajdin Bašić, Alenka Gregorič, Marina Mihelič Satler, Mateja Podlesnik, Alenka Premrov, Sarival Sosič, Alenka Trebušak
Editor in chief: Mateja Podlesnik
Texts: Aleksander Bassin, Aleš Erjavec, Petja Grafenauer, Alenka Gregorič, Brane Kovič, Blaž Peršin, Mateja Podlesnik
English translations: Tamara Soban, Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, Multilingual Pro, prevajalska agencija d.o.o
Slovene copyeditor: Patra Zaranšek
Design and layout: Ajdin Bašić
Print: Formatisk d.o.o., Ljubljana
Print run: 400

Price: 25 €
No. of pages: 275
ISBN:  978-961-6587-91-4a

An Exhibition. 50 Years of City Art Gallery Ljubljana
An Exhibition. 50 Years of Ljubljana City Art Gallery, 2013 © Andrej Peunik/MGML

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